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Leaving Relics at the Terracotta Warriors
Xi\'an -- Wed, Jul 20, 2005

Have you ever tried to take in Ancient Chinese History, while your bowels were playing the twister with your body? Well, let's just say it wasn't the most pleasant day. I managed to "discover" every bathroom and leave a few relics of my own...

Having been told that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't see the warriors -- I crawled out of bed to make the trip. Fang Wen Guang asked the bus driver if they were really so amazing and her response was "You will regret it for the rest of your life if you see them, and you will regret it for the rest of your life if you do." We learned that she added this last phrase because it costs 90RMB to see the warriors. Although this is only $11US, it can be a good part of a Chinese person's monthly salary -- it is sad when our own country people can't afford to see their own national treasures.

But enough with the economics tangent. Luckily we got there early and it wasn't very busy. The long and the short is that I am going to have to disagree with the majority opinion that its "the eight wonder of the world". It's cool and the technology used to build the massive number of terracotta warriors is impressive for the time -- but its hard to put on the scale of the pyramids I think.

Maybe my opinion would have been different if I had felt better. But I have seen many more impressive things in the faces of the people we have met along the tour -- but if you only have a few days in China, it might be an interesting thing (I would still rather go explore some small town, or off the beaten path streets and press my luck at getting food poisioning...) ;)


Trip Diary
Stage 1: Shanghai - Nanjing (7/3 - 7/6)
Stage 2: Nanjing - Hefei (7/8 - 7/9)
Stage 3: Hefei - Xi'an (7/11 - 7/19)
Stage 4: Xi'an - Lanzhou (7/22 - 7/27)
Stage 5: Lanzhou - Jiayuguan (7/29 - 8/5)
Stage 6: Jiayuguan - Turpan (8/7 - 8/16)
Stage 7: Turpan - Urumqi (8/18 - 8/19)
Stage 8: Urumqi - Korgaz (8/22 - 8/28)

Date Title Location
Aug 23 Sweet Pain -- We Made It Korgaz
Aug 22 Uphill to Wind Lake Salima Hu
Aug 21 Biking The Prisoneer Highway Along the Red Pepper Mountains JingHe
Aug 20 Chinese Mothers TunHe
Aug 19 The Final Volunteer Day Urumqi
Aug 18 Urumqi, What a City Urumqi
Aug 17 The Last Day for Wen Ray and Fang Wen Guang Urumqi
Aug 16 Rugged Desert and The Police
Aug 15 The Second Lowest Place in the World Turpan
Aug 14 Toilet Paper vs. Prostitutes QiKeTai
Aug 13 Sunset is Nice, Biking in the Dark Isn't YiWanQuan
Aug 12 Meeting Our Match Hami
Aug 11 Dry to the bone Hami
Aug 11 Gobi Down Hami
Aug 10 Small Town China Small town on edge of desert
Aug 9 Chinese Customer Service (Negotations) Dunhuang
Aug 8 Let's Talk About The Roads Dunhuang
Aug 7 Kao, Kao, Kao Lamb's Barn
Aug 6 Sick Returns Yumen
Aug 5