Fundraising Target: $10,000
Currently: $10,024 -- DONATE NOW!
Awareness Target: 10,000 People
Currently: 10,599 people -- SPREAD THE MESSAGE
The Trip Starts July 3, 2005 and ends August 25, 2005 (see route & schedule)
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5,000km Bicycle/Volunteer Challenge to Raise $20,000 and
Increase the Awareness of Mental Disabilities in the US and China

On July 3, 2005, Fang Wen Guang and Brad Weinberg will begin a 2-month, 5,000 kilometer bicycle/volunteer challenge across China with the goals of:

  1. Sharing a message of awareness with 20,000 people through this web site
  2. Raising $20,000 for our charities, the Autism Society of America and Save A Child's Heart
  3. Promoting the basic inclusion and assistance of people with mental disabilities in China
Brad's little brother Blake is autistic and his inspiration for this trip. Fang Wen Guang's father died of a heart attack when Fang Wen Guang was only 19 years old. Fang Wen Guang is biking for Save a Child's Heart, a charity that provides heart surgeries to children in developing countries that would die with out this treatment.

There are two ways you can help us:
  1. Spread Awareness by telling your friends and family about this event
  2. DONATE! 100% of all donation go directly to our charities -- we take absolutely nothing!
The trip starts July 3rd and we will be sending photos and updates all along the tour. Read more about it at

Thank you for your support,

Brad Weinberg & Fang Wen Guang
Tour Leaders, Bike Across China

PS: You can call our Tour Director, Mathew Farkash, at 401-935-5985, if you have any urgent questions.

Fundraising Target: $10,000
Total Raised: $10,024
Autism Awareness Target: 10,000 people
Awareness Created: 10,599 people


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